6 Signs That You Are Now Adulting

Ever missed being a child? When the only things that upset you is when you missed the episode of Dragon Ball or Meteor Garden, parents did not buy you a doll, or your friends did not invite you to play with them…

Things were very simple back then. But when you graduated from college, you get to face already some realities of life like finding a good job and interacting with colleagues you don’t like.

Oopps! Sounds familiar? Yes, you’re right! You’re now entering the life as an adult.

So below I listed the signs that make us realize we are not a child anymore and that it is time to make our lives more meaningful.

1. Sleep is Life

After a long and exhausting day at work, every time weekend comes, the best thing to do is just sleep all day, eat food, and watch movies and then sleep again. You won’t mind if your friends did not invite you to join them as long as you recover the sleepless days of your week, then you’re perfectly fine.

sleep is life2. Travel is life

When you were just a student, the places you only go to with your friends are the malls or the centers of the city because of limited budget. But since, you are already working and earning money, one reward that you can give to yourself is to travel to different places you’ve never been. Through this, you gain a lot of experience and memories  that allow you to be more mature, to discover your self-worth leading to a better version of you. Isn’t that awesome? 😉

travel is life3. Budgeting makes you insane

Budgeting needs a lot of decision making and sacrifices. Payday comes and you’re a millionaire. But here comes petsa de peligro, and you’re already having a panic attack. It’s like your salary just passed by through your hand in just one snap and you don’t even know where and when it was spent. It’s like magic, you know?

budget4. Getting Health Conscious

Not getting any younger means taking note already of your health. It is true that food is life, but getting a proper diet also means longer life. Living your life in a healthy way is also a good reward that you can give to yourself. A lot of extracurricular activities like hiking, biking, zumba, yoga, or fun runs not just only give you great memories but they can be life saving in the long run. Remember, health is wealth.

exercise5. Checks email everyday

Back then you were a student, you just barely check your email and spend most of your time browsing social media networks. Also your email address might be just like this: tincute_naack15@yahoo.com. But now, since you’re on your road to professionalism, all your transactions might require your email addresses like payments, updates from work, promotions and job offers. Know LiNa? The ever famous name that recommends you perfect jobs that you can have.

email6. Getting financially secured

Part of adulting is also preparing for your future. This is the time that you should educate yourself financially and know that saving, protecting yourself and, investing your money in insurances and stock market is one of the essential things in life. Not only that, make sure you also invest in yourself by attending seminars and training that will be very helpful and useful in your life and career. Believe me, these things are something that your future self can thank you for.


Kudos to #adultinglife!

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