4 Reasons That Keep You on Having a Wealthy Life

Most of us choose to enjoy our hard-earned money by spending a lot to buy our wants and to travel somewhere. There’s nothing wrong in doing these things. After all, it’s your money. Just make sure that while doing these things, you have a strong financial foundation that you can rely on if uncertain events happen.

What if, you don’t have one?

Let me tell you something.

Did you know that having an insurance is one of the basic foundation of a financial plan? It is one step way of acquiring a wealthy life. Yet, most of the people still don’t have this plan to secure their future. Here are the four reasons why:

1. Next year mentality.

They still have no plan on getting one because they still want to enjoy what they earn and make the most out of it. Little did they know that the earlier you get a plan, the more affordable it is.

2. “I don’t have budget for that.”

They say that they just have enough money to feed their selves and their family. They think that it is some kind of expense and they want to avoid it.

This is not an expense, my friend. This actually serves as your SAVINGS for YOUR future and as a way of SECURING your FUTURE’S FAMILY. It will be of value to you either now or in the future.

3. “I don’t trust you and your company.”

Trust on the top companies especially when it comes to insurance and investment. There are several companies that have been more than 100 years in service already and have a very good reputation. You can actually do a research on this. Talk to different advisors. Get insights from your friends that already got a plan from them.

4. “Nah. I don’t need it.”

They say that they can earn money a lot with their jobs and just rely on that alone. They will actually have a wealthy life even they don’t have those kinds of things.

Yes, you are correct. It is possible that you can have a high salary and you will be the sole judge if it will be of value for you today. But what if suddenly, being an income provider of your family, an uncertain event happened to you? Are you prepared for it? Do you have a Plan B?

Happy to help.

I hope I was able to open your mind that you have to act now and create a financial action plan.

We can actually set an appointment to do a FREE financial planning session so you can have a clear picture of how you can prepare ahead.

Looking forward in personally assisting you in this wonderful Sun Life investment. Get protected as early as now.


Your financial advisor for life,

christine caranyaganChristine Caranyagan, Licensed Financial Advisor

Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.

My mission is to help fellow Filipino people to achieve lifetime financial security.

If you want to learn more about financial planning, I conduct it for FREE. Our office is located at 15F Frabelle Business Center 111 Rada Street, Legaspi Village Makati City.

Or you can just reach me thru this number: 0935 7368 619 or email me at christine.r.caranyagan@sunlife.com to set an appointment. You can also reach me through my personal Facebook account.

It will be my pleasure to be your Financial Advisor for Life. 😉


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