8 Effective Ways on How to Build Your Future – #BYF2018

Build Your Future event by Mr. Randell Tiongson was just one of the best conference I’ve attended this year of 2018. Together with my high school barkada, we listened intently to the great speakers and I can really say that my Php 500 (with a free book) was worth all the money and effort.

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Build Your Future by Randell Tiongson #BYF2018

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This was actually my first time to hear from the speakers so I really got fresh takeaways from the event. I summarized these ideas into 8 ways on how you can effectively build your future.

1. Know your WHY.

This was from the first speaker of the event MrDennis Sy, the man behind the ACTLIKEAMAN.ORG, a senior pastor of Victory Greenhills and one of the best selling author and top influencer in the country.

It is true that knowing why we do something keeps us moving, motivated and more productive. When we are about to give up, all we need to do is just think of the WHYs. Let us think of all the reasons in everything that we do and definitely, we’ll be amazed at how far we’ll gonna go. Just never ever forget your WHY.

2. Be patient.

As part of the millennial generation, we’re known to be so impatient especially in our career. We become so impatient because we’re too excited and greedy to see the results immediately.

As a result, in times of arising problem, we’re not confident enough to face it and tend to just walk away.

We do not realize sometimes that for us to strongly build our future, we need to be patient especially in the process because this is where the magic happens. During the process, we build our confidence and at the same time, enhancing our capacity.

So as what Mr. Dennis Sy have said, “Young persons, be patient.”

3. ABC

The second speaker was Mr. Ardy Abello, also one of the country’s leading motivational speaker and a Licensed Trainer of INSP!RE Leadership Consultancy, Inc.

Becoming the best version of ourselves is one way of building our solid future, and Ardy shared it to us thru the ABC way.

Aim for your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) -my takeaway here was to start asking yourself “What do you want to BE?”. Asking this power question to yourself leads you to that BHAG and so, what you’ll gonna DO and HAVE will just automatically follow.

Be your best future self. To be your best future self, you need to plan your obsolescence, stay sharp, stretch yourself out of your comfort zone but stay within your strength zone, and keep your eye on the target. Let us try to be a better version of ourselves each year! 🙂

Connect upward then sidewards. Our Creator has been always part of our lives and most importantly, our future. We must connect with our Lord first when we wake up in the morning before dealing with other people, and everything that’ll happen for the rest of the day will just be according to His will.

4. Become wisdom driven.

Miss Gabbie Tiongson, daughter of Randell Tiongson and a licensed teacher who pursued to focus on empowering students and investing in the next generation, made her speech very remarkable to each and every one of us in the hall.

In a generation of knowledge-driven, let us do our best to become wisdom driven and find our meaning in this life. Taking advantage of all the information we can get now can definitely lead us to a legacy worth leaving behind to our next generation.

5. Have the grit.

Here comes the last speaker of the event, Mr. Randell Tiongson, a Registered Financial Planner and an advocate of Life and Personal Finance.

He told us that grit is ‘gigil‘. It is important to always have that ‘gigil’ in everything that we do. Aside from our WHYs, grit is what makes us productive, motivated and focused on building our future.

6. Build 21st skills.

Some of these 21st skills which Randell mentioned are critical thinking, communication skills, and becoming a solutions provider. I know there are a lot more but it is somehow connected with what Mr. Ardy Abello said which is to keep ourselves as SHARP as possible.

Invest in yourself because you are your greatest asset. Never stop learning.

7. Handle your money well.

Of course, #Adulting comes with the responsibility of determining where your hard-earned money goes. And to build your future, you have to manage your behavior in handling money. Create and stick to a budget. Resist or minimize your debt. 

Remember, if you can’t control your money right now, making more won’t also help you build your solid future.

8. Start investing.

To build your future, you need to learn how to invest your money. There are many investment instruments like VUL, mutual fund, UITF, stocks, real estate, business and etc. All you have to do is educate yourself and be vigilant with scams.

In investing, time is your greatest ally. Develop the habit and equip your investments with goals. Then your future self will definitely thank you with the rewards you can get in the future.


Aside from the free book, of course, Mr. Randell Tiongson ended the conference with a powerful statement about passion and purpose.

Sometimes, we have mistaken passion as also our purpose. Little did we know that this passion can lead us to disappointments in life because of lack of purpose. We’re too blinded with our passion that we are already lacking a sense of direction.

So here’s what Mr. Tiongson pointed out.

“Purpose is something that the Lord has planted in you.” And since that purpose is from the Lord, it is something important and good for you.

Finding your purpose is very significant to build your future. Because when you know your purpose, that purpose can now be supported later on by your passion.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:26, ESV


I’m really glad that I made the right decision to attend this event. I and my high school barkada were so empowered after hearing from the speakers.

I congratulate Mr. Randell Tiongson, The Market Project and The Bright Millenial who successfully organized this event. It has just empowered many young individuals especially millennial to build their future purposively. Kudos to your advocacies!