build your future 2018
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8 Effective Ways on How to Build Your Future – #BYF2018

Build Your Future event by Mr. Randell Tiongson was just one of the best conference I’ve attended this year of 2018. Together with my high school barkada, we listened intently to the great speakers and I can really say that my Php 500 (with a free book) was worth all the money and effort. View this post on Instagram Build Your Future by…

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vul faqs
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VUL FAQS: Other Things You Need To Know Before Getting a VUL Plan

VUL FAQS are frequently asked questions about VUL that will surely help you get to know more how VUL works and how it can help you achieve some of your life goals in life. Here are the other things you need to know more about Sun Life VUL insurance plan. VUL FAQS Part I. Basic Information What is VUL? VUL…

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educational fund
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Education Fund – How To Start Saving For Your Child’s Future

Education is probably one of the greatest legacies we can give to our children.  It requires a lot of hard work and money just to make sure they will have the right foundation so they can fulfill what they aspire for in the future. Along with this legacy is also a challenge how to have a sustainable saving to fund…

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Insurance or Investment: What Should I Get First?

Many individuals are getting confused whether to get insurance first or investment where their money can have a sustainable return. Let’s take a look at the picture below: This is a financial planning pyramid which contains 3 levels that can be a guide in building our financial wealth. It’s important for us to follow a certain path so we can…

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vul insurance philippines
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8 Reasons Why VUL Plan Is an Ideal Start Up to Financial Security

First of, what is a VUL? VUL basically stands for Variable Universal Life. This is a kind of plan in the Philippines that offers insurance with an investment component that you can use sometime in the future. Getting a VUL insurance plan is just one of many other ways that you can do to achieve financial security. VUL insurance could…

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vul funds
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Choosing VUL Funds with Sun Life

Confused in which fund you want your money get invested? Here’s a quick overview of their definition and how it is invested. Bond Fund These are fixed-income instruments that give minimal risk of losing your money. Money is invested primarily in bonds such as treasury notes issued by the Philippine government and commercial papers issued by reputable companies in the…

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moneywisetips mutual fund
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MUTUAL FUND 102: 3 Ways to Add More Funds to your Sun Life Mutual Fund Account

Investing in mutual fund takes a lot of courage because you face some risks of losing your hard earned money. We all know our stock market is very volatile and do not offer fixed interests. But if you are determined and committed to achieving financial freedom in the future, meaning you have long-term goals, then you’re on the right track.…

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one day millionaire
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8 Simple Ways on How Not to be a One Day Millionaire Every Payday

One of the Filipino natures is to become gallant every payday. And it’ll become really obvious when you see them eating in a restaurant, holding a cup of coffee from Starbucks or planning to go out of town as soon as they receive their salary. There’s nothing wrong in here. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you treat yourself once…

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6 Signs That You Are Now Adulting

Ever missed being a child? When the only things that upset you is when you missed the episode of Dragon Ball or Meteor Garden, parents did not buy you a doll, or your friends did not invite you to play with them… Things were very simple back then. But when you graduated from college, you get to face already some…

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