Sun Maxilink Prime – Sun Life’s VUL Plan

Ever heard the term VUL? If you are planning to get a life insurance or investment yet you’re curious if which of which is better and more beneficial? Let me introduce to you this so-called VUL. VUL basically stands for Variable Unit Linked insurance. It is a combination of insurance and mutual fund which has … Continue reading “Sun Maxilink Prime – Sun Life’s VUL Plan”

ONE Step to Prepare for your Child’s Education

How many kids are in your house right now? We actually have one but she’s not my child. She’s actually my younger sister. And as her older sister, I want to send her to one of the best schools here in our country when she is about to go to college already. My parents are … Continue reading “ONE Step to Prepare for your Child’s Education”

What Type of Investor Are You

Image Source: Not every one of us can take so much risk when it comes to investing. There are some people whose goal is to preserve their money or capital. Some can take a little loss from their money but others don’t care how much they will lose because they know they can take it back … Continue reading “What Type of Investor Are You”