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How to Transfer Funds to your Sunlife Mutual Fund Account via BPI Mobile App

Transferring funds to your Sunlife mutual fund account is so easy that you can finish it in less than 5 minutes. I have encountered clients who opened a mutual fund account but never invested again after the initial payment. Sayang! The time and money that should have been invested are already spent nowhere. READ ALSO: Mutual Fund 101: Start Investing in…

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Insurance or Investment: What Should I Get First?

Many individuals are getting confused whether to get insurance first or investment where their money can have a sustainable return. Let’s take a look at the picture below: This is a financial planning pyramid which contains 3 levels that can be a guide in building our financial wealth. It’s important for us to follow a certain path so we can…

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MUTUAL FUND 102: 3 Ways to Add More Funds to your Sun Life Mutual Fund Account

Investing in mutual fund takes a lot of courage because you face some risks of losing your hard earned money. We all know our stock market is very volatile and do not offer fixed interests. But if you are determined and committed to achieving financial freedom in the future, meaning you have long-term goals, then you’re on the right track.…

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