Did you know that you can actually live 100 long years

It is such a blessing that God can actually give us 100 long years in this world. We all have the time to do what we want, to buy things we want.

But are we really prepared to live long?

When you reach the age of retirement, do you have financial support you can get? Or are you just going to ask support from your children because you have invested in them during their school years?

Living too long has also risk that every one of us should plan to mitigate. When you retire from work, your income will stop but expenses won’t. And as you grow older, your health condition deteriorates so medical expenses might also be included in your expenses already.

Yes, you will have your pensions but will it be enough?

Let me share you what I actually do with my clients during our financial planning session. This was something I’ve also learned during my trainings as financial advisor.

I asked my client at what age he wants to retire and how much monthly pension he wants. Given his age of 30 years old for example and thinking to prepare until age 85, here’s how we compute the retirement fund he should have:

30 years old wants to retire at age 60 and will live ‘til 85

Monthly pension x 12 months x # of retirement years

P50,000 x 12 months x 25 years = 15Million

Big number right? You might be asking yourself, “How can I even save for that?”

The good news is you can definitely save for it as early as NOW and as long as you religiously set aside a portion of your income to any investment instrument.

There’s also another way of computing retirement fund and if you want to learn more, we could actually set an appointment to do financial planning. Just fill up the form below so I can know you better.


Your financial advisor for life,


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Christine Caranyagan, Licensed Financial Advisor

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