In another life, I would make you stay

So I don’t have to say,

You were the one that got away

The one that got away…


It’s payday again! Where do you plan to spend the money that you have worked hard for several days? Is it budgeted already for your family? Or to those things that you want to buy and places you want to go?

How about yourself in the future? Did you already set aside for your savings and emergency fund? Did you already save money to start getting invested?

Or you just shrugged your shoulder and answered, “I’ll just save money next time whenever my pay is already high.”

In the end, you let your money go away and get wasted.

Financial education was never taught in schools. Students who graduated from college have a common mindset of finding a good job to sustain their family’s financial needs. A job that can make their dreams come true. A job that can give them a good lifestyle.

Little did they know that it’s not all about having a perfect job but also having money management skills when you started earning. And since financial education is not taught in school, you need to invest time in learning this especially when it comes to personal financing.

Personal financing is like building a house.

Wealth Protection (protecting what you currently have)

As you can see, the first level is all about wealth protection. Life is full of uncertain events so to avoid the risk of suffering financial hardship because of this, we need to establish a solid foundation before stepping up to the next level.

Emergency fund – the ideal amount for this fund, as much as possible, should be equal to your 3 to 6 months income or expenses. [E.g. You are earning P20,000 a month, you should save up to P120,000 for this fund]

Insurance – this is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of financial loss. It serves as a tool to protect you as the income provider because it can be a replacement so that your family will still continue their standard of living even when you are out of the picture already. Also, having a plan like this avoids your savings to be wiped out or worse, drown you in debt. So this is a must have especially to breadwinners of the family out there.

Savings fund – this is recommended so as not to touch what you have saved for your emergency fund. It can be of different purposes, either for something that you want to buy, for somewhere that you want to go, or for your plan of getting into the next level of financial pyramid already which is all about wealth accumulation.

Wealth Accumulation (accumulating what you currently have)

The second level of your financial house is wealth accumulation. It is about growing your hard-earned money by investing and finding higher interests than what your bank offers. Stepping up to this level is riskier than just saving in a bank because you can lose or earn money here. But nothing to worry, there are many investment funds that you can choose and might suit your risk appetite. Just keep in mind that when it comes to investing, you are like planting a tree that takes time to grow. You invest long term.

Wealth Distribution

The third level is wealth distribution. This is the level where you want to ensure living your retirement in comfort and pursuing lost passions. This is the time when you just want to devote your time to your family, hobbies, and interests. This is the moment where you plan to orderly transfer your wealth to the next generation.

Make yourself aware of estate taxes. In the event of death, not everything you accumulated will be passed on to your heirs. Why? It is because your heirs will need to pay the government up to 20% of the value of your estate before it can be transferred to their names.

So if your estate is amounting to P1Million overall, your family should settle the amount of P200,000 first to the government before it can be transferred to them.


Nosebleed? Been confused? Nothing to worry. Good job for you because you are becoming aware how you should prepare for your future.

The basic rule of personal finance, “The earlier you prepare, the better.”

Don’t just let your money get wasted. It is important to always remember the formula when you receive your income.


Always pay yourself first. Build a solid foundation before accumulating your wealth. In that way, your future is secured as well as your family too.

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