Endowment Plans – Return of Premiums and Guaranteed Cash Benefits

endowmentEndowment is a financial amount given to a person or institution. The good news is you can actually get insurance along with this endowment benefit.

But how?

Sun Life offers different endowment insurance that can suit your priorities and goals. These plans are definitely perfect for individuals who want to have their money back in case the policy owner survives at the end of the endowment period, or get guaranteed cash benefits later on.

So what are these endowment insurance plans?

Sun Life has variety of endowment insurance plans that you could choose from. We have Sun StartUp, Sun First Aid Plus, Sun Dream Achiever and Sun Acceler8.

Let us dig deeper with each plan.

  1. Sun StartUp

– A non-participating endowment insurance which is payable for 10 years

– Has maturity benefit at the end of 10th year equal to 50% Return of Premium (ROP)

– Premium is fixed for 10 years (level premium)

Accidental Death Benefit is the available rider

– Eligibility age is 18-50 only

endowment - sun startup
Illustration only, rates are subject to change.

2. Sun First Aid Plus

– Another non-participating plan that offers hospital income benefit with money back feature (return of premium)

– Includes daily hospital income, long-term hospital income, intensive care unit income, and surgical benefit.

– ROP can be equal to 50% or 75% of original annual premiums paid at the end of the 10th policy year

– Has savings component (c/o cash value)

– Minimum plan amount: P2,000; Maximum: P10,000

Life coverage is equal to the total of original annual premiums paid decreased by any advances with interest (Example: If insured dies on the 3rd year, death benefit will be equal to 3x original annual premium)

Fixed premium

Accidental Death Benefit and Total Disability Benefit is automatic inluded in the plan

endowment - sun first aid plus
Illustration only, rates subject to change

3. Sun Acceler8

– An endowment insurance plan which is only 8 years to pay

– Provides guaranteed cash benefits starting at 8% of the face amount given at the end of 8th year and every two years thereafter

– Cash benefit increases by 2% every two years

Life insurance coverage increases by 16% of the face amount annually until the 8th year (starting from 100% to 228% of the FA)

– Has dividends (9th year onwards) and special paid up bonus (end of 8th policy year) but these are not guaranteed

– Eligibility age: 0-65 (non-smoker; 16-65 (smoker)

– Riders available: ADB, TDB, WPD, WPDD, HIB and CIB

– Has non-forfeiture option

endowment - sun acceler8

4. Sun Dream Achiever

– An participating endowment insurance plan which is only 5 years to pay

– Has education benefits payable in 4 installments starting on the year chosen by the policy owner (12-17 from the issue date)

– Education benefits are guaranteed and increase by 15% every year where total benefiits equal to 100% of the FA

Policy maturity is on the fourth education payout

– Provides cash value and dividends

Riders: ADB, TDB and Contingent Benefit upon Total Disability (pays 10% of the face amount ANNUALLY during total disability of the insured)

– Education benefits cannot be left with the company to earn interest. It will be paid to the policyholder as scheduled.

endowment - sun dream achiever

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These kind of plans are perfect for you if you are having doubts in taking risk with VUL plans like Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink Bright . These endowment plans give you life insurance coverage for a certain period and provide guaranteed return of premiums or cash benefits.

What are you waiting for? Get endowment insurance today! 😉

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