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How does it feel that the company or organization you belong with cares about your growth physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially?  Like every year, they conduct seminars and workshops where you can gain new knowledge and skills in all aspects of your life.

It feels so much good, right? You are blessed, my friend! 😀

That’s why I have good news for you!

This 2019, our team of competent, reliable and licensed Financial Advisors from Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. are reaching out to bigger organizations to spread Financial Literacy among hardworking individuals.

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Dreamer Team of Sun Life PH

We conduct FREE FINANCIAL PLANNING SEMINARS where topics such as the following will be discussed:

  • The Need for Financial Literacy and a Financial Plan
  • How to Start Building Your Retirement
  • How to Save Up for your Child’s Education
  • Preparing for Life’s Uncertainties (Death, Critical Illness, Disability)
  • How to Make Your Money Work for You Thru Investing
  • What is Mutual Fund?
  • How do Mutual Funds work?
  • Insurance as an Investment
  • Different Types of Insurance and Knowing What’s Best for You
  • Taking Action TODAY!

At the end of this seminar, your employees or members will see the reasons why it is very important for a hardworking individual to have a Financial Plan, and also the consequences of not having one.

As we all know, working hard or taking chances in winning lotto is not enough to get rich. Having a high income does not guarantee financial wellness — and a relatively low income does not necessarily result to low financial wellness.  What is IMPORTANT is that you know what to do with your hard-earned money regardless of the amount to make it work for you.

Studies have shown that only one (1) in every ten (10) Filipinos actually save for their future.  This means 90% of Filipinos rely heavily on family, friends, charity or government for their sustenance, particularly during retirement years.

The FREE Financial Planning Seminar that we offer can reverse these numbers.

All we need is your cooperation to promote the idea of financial literacy to your team.

Moreover, everyone can avail of a simple, free financial check-up after the seminar where highly trained Financial Advisors will analyze existing resources, assess financial requirements and propose appropriate financial tools that will address their financial goals.  This service is provided for FREE and is entirely non-obligatory on their part.

It will be our pleasure to share with your team simple techniques that we hope will encourage them to save and invest for their future at your convenient date and time in your good office.

Make your members/employees’ future be #Brighter with us! Set a schedule for a FREE Financial Planning Seminar!

The seminar is absolutely FREE of charge and will take at least TWO HOURS for them to be equipped financially. Take advantage of it today while it’s free. 😉

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