Thank you for visiting this site. I pray that you find this valuable to get you inspired and be motivated on having a wealthy life.

I’m Christine Caranyagan, a Licensed Financial Advisor from Sunlife of Canada, the first and oldest insurance company here in the Philippines. For six years since 2010, it became the Number 1 Life Insurance Company here.

Let me tell you a story.

Ever since I graduated from college as a degree holder of Banking and Finance, I developed this goal of achieving financial freedom. I was totally inspired by Chinkee Tan to also become an advocate of financial awareness among Filipino people. He was invited to speak during one of our seminars in the school. We were very lucky because financial awareness is something that is not taught inside the classroom.

When I graduated, I became a bank teller for two years in one of the biggest bank here in the Philippines. But I came to the point of feeling stagnant with my work. Looking  for self-growth, I left my job with no back up plan.

Mind you, struggle is real. I started to find my purpose in life.

And then I came across a blog and from there, my journey of becoming a financial advocate has started with Sunlife of Canada, a financial institution that helps people achieve lifetime financial security. Through this company, I started taking big steps in achieving financial freedom.

I was overwhelmed with the trainings and seminars I have gone through here in becoming a financial advisor. Aside from benefiting me a lot in terms of self-growth, I always learn something new from other advisors and trainers.

During my stay here, I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone. I slowly believe that I can do more in helping not only myself but other people in achieving financial freedom. As what Marvin Germo always say, “No Filipino left behind.”

Each one of us deserves to have a wealthy life. Every one of us is capable. It is just the matter of you making the #bright choices in your life.

Let me be your financial advisor for life. You can reach me through this number: ( +63)935 7368 619 (Globe) or you can email me at christine.r.caranyagan@sunlife.com.ph and I will share how you can achieve a #brighterlife.

For walk in, our branch address is at Sunlife of Canada, Royal Poinciana NBO, 15th floor Frabelle Business Center, 111 Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati City. Kindly look for our secretary, Ms. Rose Ann Camat.


By the way, we are still in need of more aspiring people that can help our fellow Filipino people manage their money well because according to Inquirer, there are 12 million Filipinos living in extreme poverty last 2016 but there are only 30,000 financial advisors.

They need us!

Being a financial advisor is a very noble and rewarding profession. As for me, I never expected that there’s still more that I can do. This has changed my perception in life. And I truly believe that you’ll also feel the same way.

Let yourself be an angel to your family, friends and other people. You will never go wrong here.

If you want to join our Dreamer Team in Sunlife, just click the picture below.

Your financial advisor for life,

Christine R. Caranyagan