5 High-Income Skills To Start Learning Online and Give You 6-Figures a Month

What keeps you busy during this lockdown? Watching Netflix series and movies? Browsing your social media feed? Or all day sleep and eat?

Why don’t we make this time a little more productive by learning some high-income skills? Who knows? You could turn this skill to one of your side hustles, a full-time job, or business. 🙂

Here are just some of the high-income skills you can learn during this time of lockdown and can potentially give you around 5 to 6 figures a month.


Copywriting is the art of selling thru words. This includes writing persuasive emails, sales pages, and ads where your main goal is to make your readers sign up and make a purchase.

Once you’ve learned this skill, you can be very valuable to a business because your skill can possibly generate very high returns.


Businesses make the most of our technology today that’s why digital marketing is one of the most sought after skills. This skill makes businesses grow rapidly. It’s making one business searched in a matter of one click from any search engine platform. This helps them gain an online presence and more leads.

As a digital marketer, some of the things you’d be responsible are running social media campaigns, SEO optimization for a website, and content creation.

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Though for me, programming can be really challenging and takes time to learn, I guarantee that this is one of the skills which is very highly paid.

Programming varies depending on what interests you the most. Some of the programming skills you can learn are game/app development, web development, and software development.

Programming is a much-needed skill because it can make some of the things we do, may it be in our business or life, to be effective and efficient.


Did you master what you do right now? Do you have the expertise you want to share across the country and the world?

Well, you can turn this expertise into a coaching business. This can turn to be your purpose, a purpose to help and transform someone’s life or business.

You have many ways to coach someone. It can either be through phone calls, video calls, or face to face meetings. You can also develop a course to offer your expertise. I’ve known a lot of coaches who earn 6-figure income thru coaching as they have earned their worth, knowledge, and skill over time.


It’s a thing especially nowadays, everyone wants to get involved with YouTube or start growing their own channel, be a vlogger etc.

High-quality videos are one way to grow one’s channel, and businesses also invest on video editors. This is the reason why this skill is in demand specifically for online projects and important events like weddings and debut.

Having perfect software and of course, a bit of creativity are just some of the things you need in order to be a great video editor.

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These are just some of the high-income skills you can learn online especially now that we’re stuck in our home because of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

You have all the time now to invest in yourself. We can easily access the internet today. It’s not possible that you can learn at least one of these high-income skills.

All you have to do is decide, commit, and start. Once you’ve learned a skill, you can start earning small. Hone it and you’ll gain more value, and turn this skill into a high income paying one.

Remember, investing in yourself is one of the keys to financial security and independence. So start today and be better than yesterday! 🙂

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