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How to Transfer Funds to your Sunlife Mutual Fund Account via BPI Mobile App

mutual fund

Transferring funds to your Sunlife mutual fund account is so easy that you can finish it in less than 5 minutes.

I have encountered clients who opened a mutual fund account but never invested again after the initial payment. Sayang! The time and money that should have been invested are already spent nowhere.

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Some just didn’t know the easy ways on how they can invest religiously with Sunlife mutual fund. That’s why I created this instructional video where you can invest manually and slowly develop the habit of investing monthly so you can reach your #financialgoals.

This is how I invest in my Sunlife mutual fund account using BPI mobile app every time I receive my salary. 🙂

Using BPI Mobile app

1. Choose “Transfer Money” option.

2. Choose the account that you would like to transfer from.

3. Enter amount. (minimum of Php 1,000 investment)

4. Choose “Transfer to 3rd party” option.

***Note:*** In my case, SLAMCI’s BPI account # is already enrolled in my account to avoid transaction fees. To enroll 3rd party account numbers, click here:…

5. Enter notes (optional).

6. Confirm the transaction details.

7. Enter OTP.

8. Take a screenshot. (IMPORTANT!)

Using Sun Life PH app

9. Go to the particular fund you want to invest in.

10. Click the ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner.

11. Choose “Add Fund” option.

12. Enter details of the investment, upload the screenshot taken earlier and choose sales load option.

***P.S.*** For the sales load option, click here for reference:…

13. Agree to the terms and conditions.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully added funds to your Mutual Fund account! 😀


Investing has already been made easier for everyone because of technology. Develop the habit of investing and START TODAY!


Your Financial Advisor for Life,

Christine Caranyagan

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