Ipon Challenge 2019: 5 Must Try to Achieve Your #SavingGoals

Ipon Challenge has been one of many other ways people do every time New Year comes.

Yes! It’s that time of the year again where you have the chance to start anew and take action in achieving your goals. Been wanting to buy a new phone? Television? Refrigerator? House and lot? Insurance? Investment?

Instead of acquiring installments, ipon challenge might be a great help and the answer to achieving your much-awaited #savinggoals! This not only give you a fund that you can use to buy whatever you want, but this also develops your habit of saving a portion of your income which is very important.

So, here’s the Top 5 Ipon Challenges you can try this 2019:

1. 52-Week Ipon Challenge

52 Week Ipon Challenge
Photo source: Peso Sense Facebook Page

Among the Ipon Challenges, I can say this is the most popular one and has many versions. There are versions for the individual, parents and children, and couples. You can choose which amount is most comfortable for you to save up with starting from Php 10.

And then every week, the amount you save either increments by the same amount you have started or on a fixed amount until you reach the 52nd week and finishes the challenge.

2. 24-Payout Challenge

24 payout challenge ipon challenge
Photo source: My Finance MD

If you’re not comfortable on saving every week, you don’t have to worry. Here goes 24-Payout challenge which might suit your saving habit. Every time you receive your salary, you start setting aside the amount you’re comfortable to save up with starting from Php 50 up to Php 1000. Every cut-off, the amount you save also increments by the same amount you have started with.

This challenge worked for me as I knew I couldn’t commit to save a certain amount every week. I thought it would also be a hassle for me when it comes to budgeting. So why not limit it to 24 times a year only, instead of 52 times. I chose to do the Php 200 24 Payout challenge and I was able to save P60,000 this year. Isn’t that amazing? šŸ˜

3. Shade and Save Ipon Challenge

Photo source: Peso Sense Facebook Page

This ipon challenge seems very exciting for me. You know why? There’s no schedule to follow. It will all depend how soon you’re gonna able to shade all the circles and complete the challenge. That’s all! Exciting, right? šŸ˜Ž

4. 10% Rule Ipon Challenge

Photo source: Pixabay

10% rule ipon challenge pertains to a fixed percentage you must set aside from every payout you receive or from any other source of income you have. For example, you were able to receive Php 10,000 this cut-off, you must set aside Php 1,000. No excuses.

We may not know how much are we going to save at the end of the year with this ipon challenge, what’s most important is we develop the habit and discipline of saving.

5. Invisible Money Ipon Challenge

50 pesos ipon challenge
Photo source: Yona Abella

Remember the girl who went trending because of her 50 Pesos Ipon Challenge? Meet Ms. Yona Abella who was able to save 846 pieces of Php 50 within 5 months. That’s equivalent to Php 42,300 in a matter of short time! Her secret? Every time a Php 50 bill lays in her hand, she treated it as invisible which means she’s not allowed to spend it in any way and just automatically saves it in her piggy bank.

So there you have it! The 5 Ipon Challenges that you should try this 2019.

If you’ll notice, the challenges can all be modified with the amount you’re most comfortable to start with. It is because these challenges just guide you throughout your saving goals.

Saving money is never an easy task. It requires discipline, commitment and patience to complete these challenges. If you don’t want to suffer financially in the future, I know you won’t find any excuses not to do it.

As they say, “Kapag gusto, maraming paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan.”

So, let me leave this question for you. Are you up for the 2019 Ipon Challenge?