3 MUST DOs on Requesting a Proposal

Financial planning is a big time commitment to your future. And the reason why you are here is that you’re about to take action of securing your future and building your wealth.

As a Financial Advisor, my goal is to help and guide you in that journey. I made this post to ensure that I am doing my God-given purpose to my current and future valued clients.

So to you, my future valued client, here are the 3 things you must do before and after sending the information I need to generate a proposal for you.

1. Appointment

If you’ll check all the forms on every article I made for each Sun Life plan, the first thing you’ll need to fill up is the date and time for an appointment. My priority is to meet you in person and know you better. As a Financial Advisor, I want to make sure that I have assessed your needs and priorities before I offer any solutions that can help you secure your future.

Thus, the first thing you must provide is your preferred date and time and to make sure that you show up on that day. I value my time and I also value yours so I want to make this meeting become worthwhile for both of us.

2. Confirmation

The second thing you must do after filling up the form is to confirm with the text message I will send you. This is my assurance that you are really serious of taking action to secure your future and build your wealth as early as possible.

If I didn’t receive any confirmation, that can only mean two things. One, you did not provide your correct contact details. Two, you’re just playing around and wasting someone’s valuable time.

3. Correct Information

Rest assured that all information provided is strictly confidential. And so, I would also assume that what you have provided is true, complete, correct, and up to date. Instructions on each form are very clear for not to follow.

Providing your Nickname instead of your Complete Name won’t be allowed as it also measures how serious you are in getting this done. As I have mentioned earlier, I want to know you better and you have nothing to worry as your information is safe with me.

So the third thing you must do in filling up the form is to certify that the information you have provided is true and correct.

So what do all these things just mean?

You might be thinking and waiting for me to send you a proposal directly to your email.

Yes, I can just send you a proposal to your email and just leave it for you to review. But doing so, I am also losing my purpose as a Financial Advisor to help my fellow Filipino people achieve a lifetime financial security. Why? It is because people who just requested a proposal to be directly sent to their email usually have a low probability of getting the plan as early as TODAY because they just don’t understand the whole plan and the urgency of getting it sooner.

This is the main reason why I prioritize on setting appointments first before sending any proposal. What I am committing as your future Financial Advisor for Life is to make you one of my valued clients. You deserve to know everything about financial planning and different opportunities in building your wealth. You deserve to enjoy everything you’ve dreamed of for your future.

That is why I am here for you. To be part of your journey towards financial freedom.

And so, I won’t be sending any proposals anymore without meeting you personally and knowing you better. I’m excited to meet you soon. Cheers to a #brighterlife!

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