Sandwich Generation

Start of classes is about to start again. Tuition fees of your children keep bothering you already, and you are problematic of where to get the money to pay for it.

Then someone’s knocking at your door early in the morning. They are your parents. They come to visit you and the children. But actually, at the end of the day, their main purpose is to ask some money for their maintenance.

Stuck in the same situation?

That is what they called sandwich generation. You are trapped in the middle of the two generations, your children and your parents. Being in the middle of these two generations can make you feel warm, secure and fuzzy because you have two groups of people to love and who love you.

But it can also mean feeling squeezed and pressed especially if you are the one taking care of these two generations financially, as is the case of someone with young children and aging parents.

Why I am telling this?

You could actually avoid this situation if you will be able to create a financial action plan ahead.

You are the one who create your life. It is just a matter of you deciding when to start taking action or change your current situation now.

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