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SUN Senior Care: Insurance for the Filipino Senior Citizens

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SUN Senior Care plan is specifically designed for senior citizens who are considered the underserved market when it comes to acquiring insurance. It is either they cannot already apply for one because of their age, or they really can’t find a plan suitable for their needs.

Therefore, I got a good news for you!

Just today, October 8, 2018, Sun Life of Canada Phils. Inc launched our latest health and wellness solution to address the needs of the Filipino senior citizens. I am proud to introduce to you, our SUN Senior Care plan!

sun senior care for senior citizensSUN Senior Care is a participating, limited pay whole life plan that’ll give our dearest senior citizens savings and comprehensive health protection even at a late stage in life. So what does this mean?

It only means that the plan can cover their golden years up until age 100!

So what are the benefits they can get from SUN Senior Care?


Just like with our Sun Fit and Well plan, you can also be part of our Go Well community once you avail SUN Senior Care plan.  The community offers easy access to a wealth of information, nutrition and health experts, fitness activities and events, and other available preventive care programs to help you live a healthier life.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

In the case of diagnosis from the 17 common advanced-age critical illness conditions that commonly happen to senior citizens, the plan provides a lump sum financial benefit of equal to 150% of the Face Amount. This can definitely help you replace the funds you spent during the diagnosis and other expenses you still need related to your treatment and recovery.

Special Benefit

In addition, SUN Senior Care will give you a one-time special benefit equal to 5% of the Face Amount to help replace the funds you spent for any of the four (4) specific covered surgeries or conditions.

SUN Senior Care got you covered not just in health, but also in life. The plan gives you a guaranteed life coverage equal to 150% of the face amount up until age 100 in case no critical illness has been claimed.

senior citizens sun senior care 2Savings

SUN Senior Care is a participating plan which will give you non-guaranteed dividends. You may use these dividends to pay for future premiums. You can also just leave them with Sun Life to accumulate or just get in cash.

In case of emergency, money also comes in handy as your policy’s cash value is available for a policy loan.

Limited Pay Period

The plan offers guaranteed limited-pay premiums which do not increase throughout the policy period. You may choose between 3, 5 or 10 years to pay for the plan, whichever is convenient for you.

How much would be the premium for SUN Senior Care?

The table below will give you an idea of how much would be the premium to avail a SUN Senior Care plan.

ANNUAL Premiums*


*Based on 300K Face Amount with 450K Coverage, Female, Non-smoker

You’re one step closer of getting yourself or your parents secured with SUN Senior Care plan. Looking at the premiums, you might be thinking that the coverage seems to be almost the same amount as what you are paying.

But what if the need arises while you are setting aside for the plan? What we are buying here is the time.

If you are sure that nothing’s going to happen with you or your parents in the next few years, then there’s no need to get this plan. But if there’s a 50-50 chance that an unexpected situation like critical illness will happen, then you might want to consider this if budget is not a problem.

sun senior care for senior citizens 3ALSO READ: Sun Fit and Well: The Comprehensive Health Insurance You Need | 0935-7368-619

Interested to get you or your parents covered with SUN Senior Care? Fill up the form below and let’s set an appointment to further discuss the plan! 🙂


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