Single Pay VUL: Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One

Single Pay Variable Universal Life (SPVUL) insurance removes the hassles of regularly paying an investment plan just to keep it in force. By paying one-time and big-time, it already gives you the guaranteed protection you ought to have when uncertain events happen.

Single pay VUL plans focus more on the growth of fund value or investment for your wealth accumulation, preservation, or transfer. It gives you the benefit of getting higher returns compared to regular savings and time deposit accounts.

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Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One are single pay VUL plans which Sun Life offers.

Why opt for Single Pay VUL?

Single pay VUL are investment plans that will give you potential returns higher than inflation rates. Savings deposit and time deposit rates can no longer outpace our inflation today that ranges from 5% to 7% as of 2018.

Saving your P1,000,000 in a regular savings account will give you P1,002,500 after 1 year based on a 0.25% interest.

On the other hand, putting your P1,000,000 in a time deposit account will give you 1,010,000 after 1 year based on a 1% interest which banks normally offer.

Comparing it to our inflation rate of 6.4% as of August 2018, you should have at least 1,064,000 to acquire the same things or services after 1 year.

So how are we going to address the problem?

Putting your money to other investment instruments like Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One is just one way to outpace inflation.

If you try to put your P1,000,000 in Sun Maxilink One, your projected fund value after a year is P1,204,192 based on a 10% compounding interest.

single pay vul sun maxilink one

Aside from the investment the plan offers, you are also protected with insurance coverage of 125% of your single premium which can serve as a safety net or can give your family the ease of estate transfers.

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Investing in single pay VUL funds are managed professionally so that you can earn better than inflation rates. This plan, like regular pay VUL, is also appropriate for long-term goals. Since it has an investment, it also gives you risk of losing your money. This can be managed by choosing the FUND that matches your risk appetite.

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