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SUN Fit and Well insurance plan gives you coverage from 114 Critical Illnesses and a life coverage until age 100.

From the sentence above, I almost summarized the 8 reasons why you should include getting SUN Fit and Well health insurance plan in your goals this 2019.

Don’t worry, we’ll get into specifics. I know you want to know more about this particular plan, not just in one sentence. 😉

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Getting a comprehensive health plan like SUN Fit and Well health insurance is part of adulting. We’re not getting any younger. Our health will slowly start to deteriorate given that unhealthy food and environment are just everywhere. If we don’t have enough discipline with what we eat, drink, or do, there will be a bigger chance of acquiring an illness in a short span of time.

No matter how young we are, how healthy we live, getting sick is just one of the inevitable situations we need to prepare for. Good thing, Sun Life and I got your back. 🙂

SUN Fit and Well health insurance is the most comprehensive health & life insurance plan that you can get today. I have 8 reasons why you should get this plan and inquire to me as soon as you finished reading this post.

1. Special Access to Wellness Programs

Aside from providing life and health protection, Sun Life helps our valued clients live healthier lives. Once you avail SUN Fit and Well life insurance, you are automatically a GoWell GOLD member. You simply create an account on the GoWell website, to join the community.

GoWell is a wellness advocacy program of Sun Life where you can receive health and wellness contents, invites to community workouts like Zumba and yoga, receive perks and privileges, and have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who also promote healthy living.

A GoWell GOLD member can enjoy the following as part of the Prevention benefit of SUN Fit and Well health insurance:

sun fit and well insurance perks

2. Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit

As I have mentioned above, SUN Fit and Well health insurance provide coverage from 64 Major Critical Illnesses, 34 Minor Critical Illnesses and 16 Specific Cancer for a total of 114 critical illnesses.

sun fit and well insurance critical illness 1

sun fit and well insurance critical illness 4

Specific Cancer Booster benefit gives an additional 50% of the Face Amount to the insured in the case of diagnosis of cancer-related illness.

Our plans like Sun Life Assure term insurance and rider Critical Illness Benefit that you can attach to our VUL Plans can only cover you from 36 Advanced Stages of Critical Illnesses with an affordable amount.

With SUN Fit and Well insurance, you get the worth of your money for covering you from over 100 critical illnesses (major, minor and specific cancer) plus the #1 reason I have mentioned earlier. Saan ka pa? 🙂 

But wait, there’s still more!

3. Hospitalization Benefits

In case of diagnosis from the critical illnesses listed above, you can claim 0.125% of the Face Amount for Hospital Income Benefit (HIB) which will be multiplied by the number of days you’ve been confined. You also get a fixed amount of Post Hospitalization Benefit to be used for follow up check-ups.

4. Home Recovery Benefit

This is an additional fund that you can claim upon discharge which is equivalent to 50% of HIB multiplied also by the number of days you’ve been confined.

In the case of worst scenario where insured became terminally ill having a life expectancy of 6 months or less, a Palliative Care Benefit of 10% of the Face Amount will be given additionally to the insured. It is somehow a way of relieving the pain and stress caused by the illness.

5. Life Insurance Coverage

SUN Fit and Well insurance also provide a guaranteed life insurance coverage until age 100 in case no major critical illness claim has been made from the plan. It will be equivalent to the original face amount plus cash benefits, less minor critical illness claims if there’s any.

Your dreams for your family and children can still continue as they receive this benefit.

sun fit and well insurance

6. Guaranteed Cash Benefits

For eight consecutive years starting at age 65, you have the option to get 5% of the original Face Amount in advance which serves as your guaranteed steady income during retirement.

Aside from that, Special Paid Up Bonuses* at the end of premium paying period and Annual Dividend earnings* are available for withdrawal anytime. You also have the option to just leave it with Sun Life to accumulate.

*Special Paid Up Bonus and Dividend earnings are not guaranteed.

7. Variations

You can choose among the three variants of SUN Fit and Well health insurance. I highly recommend you get the Advantage variant already. Why? There’s not much of a difference between their premiums. Believe me. 😉 So why not get the best out of your money, right?

sun fit and well insurance

sun fit and well insurance

8. Limited Paying Period

Unlike any other plans that you need to pay for the plan forever, with SUN Fit and Well insurance, you only have to pay it for a limited period of time. You have the option to pay for it in:

  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years

Take note, these are guaranteed paying periods. Sun life will never require you to pay beyond those years. You just have to make sure that you pay the plan on time, okay? 🙂


So there you have it! The 8 Major Reasons Why You Should Get SUN Fit and Well Insurance Today! All you have to do now is fill up the form below to request a proposal and set an appointment. I strongly believe that responsible people like you who want to have financial security against life odds won’t hesitate taking action TODAY.

I’ll look forward to meeting you, my future valued client. 🙂

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Quick Summary:

What is Sun Fit and Well?

Sun Fit and Well is a participating whole life critical illness insurance product that provides comprehensive life and health protection that would address the evolving health protection needs while going through key stages of a customer’s health journey (Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation).

What are the different variations of Sun Fit and Well?

Sun Fit and Well has 3 variants namely: Sun Fit and Well (Basic), Sun Fit and Well Plus and Sun Fit and Well Advantage.

How many years can we pay Sun Fit and Well?

You can choose to pay Sun Fit and Well between 10, 15 or 20 years.

How many Critical Illnesses do Sun Fit and Well cover?

Sun Fit and Well covers you from over 114 Critical Illness conditions. This includes 34 Minor CI conditions, 64 Major CI conditions, and 16 Specific Cancer conditions.