Sun Fit and Well: The Comprehensive Health Insurance You Need

sun fit and well

Sun Fit and Well – a New Generation Wellness Product -is Sun Life’s latest product line that  can prepare you financially, and give your family peace of mind and comfort.

If you are wondering where will you find a comprehensive health insurance that will give money if you suffered from a serious illness…

Or you are worried that your emergency fund might not be enough…

Or… your Critical Illness Benefit that you acquire from your VUL is very limited so you’re thinking of getting another plan. This time, your focus is more on health insurance. And, you want it as comprehensive as it could be.

Well… you’re in the right place! 😉


SunLife’s Sun Fit and Well, the comprehensive health insurance you are looking for!

We all know having a serious illness is not a joke especially when it happened in your most unexpected time.

According to a recent survey, the top 3 causes of death here in the Philippines in the past 10 years are Stroke, Heart Attack and Cancer.

sun fit and well - cause of death

And Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer and Colorectal Cancer are the top 4 Cancer Killers in the Philippines.

What if one person was diagnosed with Breast Cancer? How much would she need?

sun fit and well - breast cancer

According to the research, it could cost 2.1 million to 4.8 million with lifetime rehabilitation. Saan mo naman huhugutin yung ganun kalaking pera diba?

Sun Fit and Well is a participating whole life critical illness insurance product that provides a comprehensive life and health protection that would address the evolving health protection needs while going through key stages of a customer’s health journey (Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation).

  • Prevention – provides special access and privileges to various wellness activities that will help keep one’s mind and body fit
  • Diagnosis – covers one at a young age up until senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 100+ critical conditions across minor and major stages
  • Treatment – hospital confinement; post hospitalization specialist visit (follow up checkups)
  • Rehabilitation – home recovery benefit; palliative care

Sun Fit and Well covers you from over 114 Critical Illness conditions. This includes 34 Minor CI conditions, 64 Major CI conditions, and 16 Specific Cancer conditions.

It has 3 variants namely:

  • Sun Fit and Well – provides life and critical illness insurance protection
  • Sun Fit and Well Plus – provides life, critical illness insurance protection and offers guaranteed cash benefits starting age 65 or 70 depending on issue age.
  • Sun Fit and Well Advantage – provides life, critical illness insurance protection and offers guaranteed cash benefits starting age 65 or 70 depending on issue age and offers benefits to cover expenses related to hospitalization and post-hospitalization.

Might as well get Sun Fit and Well Advantage already because the difference between their premiums is not that much. If it’s within the budget, why not go for the best right?

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Know More About Sun Fit and Well

  • It is a limited pay plan wherein you can choose from 10 pay, 15 pay or 20 pay, depending on how long are you comfortable with paying for it.
  • For smokers, 20pay is up to age 40 only, 15pay is up to age 45 and 10 pay is up to age 50. For non-smokers, 20 pay is up to age 50, 15pay is up to age 55 and 10pay is up to age 60.
  • You can choose an Annual mode of payment, Semi-annual or Quarterly. However, doing annual deposits or payments are somehow discounted.
  • Monthly mode of payment only available via Auto Debit Arrangement. But the initial payment/deposit must be at least 1 quarterly premium.
  • Issue age differs if you are smoker or non-smoker.

I already have an HMO. I think that’s enough.

Actually, your HMO plan and Sun Fit and Well could go hand in hand. HMO gives you a little coverage and is very limited so when suffered from critical illness, it may be insignificant. Might as well have both, right?

When is the best time to get a plan like this?

Again, age doesn’t matter here. Get it as early as possible and while you are healthy because the application for this plan can be possibly denied if you already have health issues.

How much will be my premium?

Premium still depends on age and smoking habit.

For a 25-year-old male and non-smoker, Sun Fit and Well advantage premium for him is:

  • 10 pay – P49,550 per year
  • 15 pay – 35,720 per year
  • 20 pay – 29,040 per year

So by the time he reaches 65 years old, he’ll start receiving P50,000 for 8 consecutive years giving him an advance of P400,000.

What if you can afford more and can double the price? You can have P100,000 each year plus dividends (not guaranteed). Not bad, right?

Want to get a plan already? Fill up the form below and let’s set an appointment to further discuss the plan! 🙂

Everyone is conscious about our health but not everyone finds a way to get health insurance plans. They usually deal it when the need arises which can cause spending more. So prepare ahead and get Sun Fit and Well! The comprehensive health insurance you need.

Your financial advisor for life,

Christine Caranyagan

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