Sun FlexiLink VUL Plan- Protection Plus Investment

Sun Flexilink

Sun Flexilink is almost the same with our Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink Bright. It is a Variable Unit Linked plan that provides maximum life insurance coverage, health protection in which you have the option to add, and investment component similar to a mutual fund. You can get all these three benefits in one plan with a very affordable premium.

Sun Flexilink really gives you a comprehensive plan that will be beneficial to you and your family in case an uncertain event happen. The good thing here is that, in case you live too long, it can provide you a retirement fund using the investment component of the plan

This plan is perfect for individuals who are willing to commit in paying affordable premiums for a long period of time.

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How does Sun FlexiLink work?

Mr. Investor wants to get Sun Flexilink plan with a 1Million Face Amount.

Male | Age: 25 | Non-smoker

He’s willing to set aside P30,000 annual premium.

What can he get with Sun Flexilink with a P30,000 annual premium?

Life insurance coverage of P1Million

– Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement benefit > in case Mr. Investor died due to accident, his loved ones will receive an additional amount of P500,000. However, in case he only suffered an injury from accident and resulted to the loss of function of any part of his body, he will receive a certain percentage from P500k (depends which part).

Critical Illness Benefit > if Mr. Investor has been diagnosed, while living, to have contracted any one or more of the the 36 Critical Illnesses listed in the proposal or has undergone any of the specified surgeries, then he will receive P800,000.00.

Hospital Income Benefit > in case Mr. Investor was confined in the Hospital, as a result of Injury or Sickness, on the recommendation of a Physician as an in-patient, he will receive ra reimbursable Ps 1,000.00 each day of confinement. (minimum of 3 days)

– Investment Benefits! Setting aside P30,000 for years, he will already have a fund value of:

-P300,000 after 10 years:   P257,582
-P300,000 after 20 years:   P1,035,615
-P300,000 at age 65:             P8,274,089
*Assuming at 10% compounding interest.

What you need to know more about Sun Flexilink:

– The plan is payable for 88 years. The good thing here is you have the option to cease premium payment for a period, with a view to continue it later on. (Premium Holiday Option)

– You have the option to choose where your money would be invested. It could be in an equity fund, index fund, balanced fund, bond fund or combination of these funds. It really depends on your risk appetite.

– You are covered until age 88

– You can pay additional amount anytime aside from the P30,000 which can give you higher fund value.

– You can choose to pay it every quarter, semi-annual or annually whichever you are comfortable with.

– You are entitled for a 2% Loyalty Bonus starting at the end of the 10th policy year and every 5 years thereafter.

– You have the freedom to do partial withdrawals in case you need money, may it be for educational, retirement or travel fund.

– Female applicants have the option to add Female Critical Illness Benefit or Female Critical Illness and Maternity Benefit which will cover them for specific female critical illnesses

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“Life insurance isn’t something you spend time thinking about, but if something happened to you, how would your family get by?” – Danica Patrick, professional race car driver, and spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month.

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