sun maxilink 100

Sun Maxilink 100: Insurance & Investment w/ Coverage Until Age 100

sun maxilink 100

Sun Maxilink 100 is the newest product of Sun Life of Canada Phils Inc. which has been launched on July 22, 2019. Like Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink Bright, the plan is also an affordable investment-linked life insurance plan that gives you life insurance protection until age 100 and enables you to build a fund for a comfortable retirement.


Sun MaxiLink 100 is a:

✔ Whole life

✔ Regular pay,

✔ Investment-linked insurance product that provides protection throughout one’s lifetime while helping build savings over time.

You may now enjoy peace of mind with life insurance protection until age 100. This benefit is equivalent to at least twice your policy’s Face Amount, which goes to your family in the event of untimely demise.

You may add supplemental benefits or riders to provide additional protection for contingencies such as accidents, disability, and illnesses. The following are additional benefits that you can attach to Sun Maxilink 100:

✔ Accidental Death Benefit

✔ Total Disability Benefit

✔ Hospital Income Benefit

✔ Critical Illness Benefit

✔ Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Disablement Benefit

✔ Female Critical Illness Benefit

✔ Female Critical Illness & Maternity Benefit

✔ Waiver of Premium upon Death of Owner, Waiver of Premium upon Death or Disability of Owner

Aside from the life insurance coverage you can get from the plan, you can also choose among the investment fund options to address your different investment objectives and risk appetite. These funds are professionally managed by Sun Life’s fund managers with their investment experience and expertise.

Soon, this investment benefit can fund your future needs like child’s education, a comfortable retirement, or an important life milestone. Would you want that?

Like other Sun Life VUL plans, it also provides flexible payment options because you may choose to pay it on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. You may also opt to increase your fund’s value anytime through top-ups or excess payments on top of your regular premium.

Sun Maxilink 100 Sample Proposal

Mr. Client, a 25 y/o non-smoker IT professional, wants to avail Sun Maxilink 100 with a 2 Million coverage. His budget to start the plan is Php 50,000 yearly.

For Php 137/day, Mr. Client can get the following benefits from the plan:

✔ Php 1Million Face Amount or Php 2Million Life Insurance Coverage

✔ Php 3Million Benefit Amount in case of Accidental Death

✔ Php 1Million Critical Illness Benefit (coverage from 36 Critical Illnesses)

✔ Php 2,000/day Hospital Income Benefit

✔ Php 14Million Fund Value at age 65 (assuming @ 10% interest)

Do you want to have the same plan? Do you want to know more about Sun Maxilink 100? Just fill-up the form below and I’ll be glad to assist you in your journey to a #BrighterLife! 🙂

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