Sun Maxilink Prime Review: Is it the Best Plan for You?

Sun Maxilink Prime is one of the insurance with investment plans that you can avail with Sun Life. It is a Variable Universal Life insurance plan, or popularly known as V.U.L. plan.

Personally, this is the plan which most of my clients inquired about and acquired. So if you’re looking for an insurance plan, I’m sure you have this question in mind…

Is it the best plan for me?

So today, as a Financial Advisor and also a policyholder of Sun Maxilink Prime, I will be giving you an honest and transparent review about this plan. In this way, you can already have the answer to your question after reading this post.

Let’s start!

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #1: Financial Security

Sun Maxilink Prime gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens (e.g. death), your family will have financial security to continue the lifestyle you have provided for them. This is because they can receive a lump sum amount of the insurance coverage which they can use for their daily expenses and also for educational funding (if applicable).

The good news is the possible lump sum amount your family can receive from the plan is the FACE AMOUNT + the FUND VALUE at the time of claim. Other plans might just give you whichever is higher.

At the end of the day, you really get the guarantee of financial security of your family in case of worst scenario with Sun Maxilink Prime.

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #2: Savings

Aside from the lump sum amount your family can get, you also get the benefit of this plan while living.

It’s because a part of your premium goes to the investment component of the plan so over time, you get to save money that you can use for emergency purposes or long term investment ventures.


Sun Maxilink Prime Review #3: Potential Growth of Money

Yes, you read it right. The money that you can save through this plan can potentially grow as it is invested in a mutual fund like investment. It means that you are investing indirectly in the stock market that’s why growth of your money is possible.

Take note that the growth is not immediate, not guaranteed like most of the investments, and this is only an additional benefit you can get from the plan. This is actually where most people who acquired VUL plans are having misconceptions. They look at the plan as an investment, which is actually not.

The growth of your money here takes time like a tree. As much as possible, invest long term.

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #4: Flexibility of Payment

With Sun Maxilink Prime, you can pay in an annualsemi-annualquarterly, or monthly mode. Whatever mode of payment you prefer, as long as you keep up with the plan, it’s very much okay. 🙂

On the other hand, you can already pay your Sun Life premiums thru GCashPaymaya, online banking, over the counter, and through credit cards via monthly auto-charge.

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #5: Customizable Plan

I actually got my Sun Maxilink Prime according to my preference.

Yes, you can customize this plan with the help of a Financial Advisor according to your budget, preferred coverage, benefits, priority, goal, etc. As long as you’re transparent with what you want to your Financial Advisor, then this plan can be customized at your best option.

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #6: Limited Paying Period

Sun Maxilink Prime is at least 10 years to pay. It is really designed and projected to be paid for a limited time of at least 10 years, provided that no withdrawals will be done within the payment period and you have completed the total premiums you must pay with the plan which is equivalent to 10 years.

Then it will be up to you if you want to continue investing thru the plan after 10 years as any excess premiums will be added to your investment fund value already which means higher fund value in the long term. This is actually highly recommended!


Sun Maxilink Prime Review #7: Optional Benefits

You can have a comprehensive financial protection plan by adding accidental and health coverage to Sun Maxilink Prime as your optional additional benefits. It’s like you’re already hitting multiple birds in one stone.

Life insurance + Accidental Benefit + Health Coverage + Investment = Sun Maxilink Prime

Sun Maxilink Prime Review #8: Development of Good Money Habits

When I acquired Sun Maxilink Prime, I started to develop good discipline in handling my finances. I was able to start listing down my monthly budget, track my expenses, save money for emergency and myself, and also invest a portion of it to mutual funds and the stock market.

I became open minded to delayed gratification. I have known my priorities well and realized the importance of financial foundation.

And the truth is, it’s not about the plan. It’s about me and my self commitment to be financially free especially when I decide to retire.

Not only I have decided, I also took several actions to develop the good money habits I have right now.

I’ve already been paying and investing with my plan for more than 3 years now. It’s really hard at first especially that I am used to travel and do Y.O.L.O every other month before.

But acquiring Sun Maxilink Prime is one thing that I will never have regret of starting. I may not have reaped the rewards yet from the plan, but the discipline I got from the moment I decided to start it were the best ones I could get and bring on for the rest of my life.

And I’m sure, you’ll feel and have the same way.


So that’s it! I hope this Sun Maxilink Prime review have helped you somehow to decide if it’s really the best plan for you to get started with your financial plan.

And in case you’re wondering who to talk to about this plan, I am a Licensed Financial Advisor for more than 3 years now, and also a Certified Investment Solicitor so I can definitely help you and guide you with your journey towards financial security.

Feel free to inquire below. Let’s have an action plan in building your solid financial foundation.

Talk to you soon!

Your Financial Advisor for Life,

Christine Caranyagan, CIS

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