Sun Smarter Life – Insurance Protection Plus Guaranteed Payouts

Sun Smarter Life is a participating whole life plan that gives you double coverage until age 100 and gives you guaranteed cash payouts. You could choose from different varieties of the plan. It has:

  • Sun Smarter Life Classic Regular Pay
  • Sun Smarter Life Elite Regular Pay
  • Sun Smarter Life Classic Peso 5 & 10
  • Sun Smarter Life Elite Peso 5 & 10

sun smarter life

What is the difference between the Sun Smarter Life Regular Pay plan to the 5 & 10 plan?

The plan is payable forlife if you choose the Regular Pay plan while with the 5 & 10 plan, you have the option to pay the plan for only 5 years or 10 years.

What is the difference with the Sun Smarter Life Classic plan to the Elite plan?

Classic plan does not offer endowment benefit while for Elite plans, you will receive a guaranteed 8% anticipated endowment benefit (AEB) from the face amount starting at the end of the 6th year and every two years thereafter FOR LIFE. Take note that AEB does not reduce the original face amount. Sounds good? 😉

Does the premium also increase every 5 years like term insurance?

The good thing about this plan is that it offers level premiums. Premium is fixed and doesn’t increase every 5 years.

Does the plan has a savings component?

Yes, the plan has a savings component c/o cash value and dividends. You also have the option to use the dividend to pay your future premium or additiona coverage. (dividends are not guaranteed)

What are the available riders I can attach to the plan?

Accidental Death Benefit, Total Disability Benefit, Hospital Income Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit, Safer Life Rider and Waiver of Premium upon Death/Waiver of Premium upon Death and Disability of Initial Owner are the riders you can attach to the plan.

Sun Smarter Life plans are perfect for individuals who are looking for simple, easy to understand protection and savings product. If you are not comfortable with fund values that VUL like Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink Bright offers, go for this plan that offers guaranteed amounts. You can use this as source of fund for daily expenses, education or retirement at a rate that is better than those offered by banks.

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Life insurance is a form of contingency fund. It’s a BUFFER to PROTECT us against DANGER at any given time. So get a life insurance today!

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