SunLife Claims: Another Promise Fulfilled

Real life story of SunLife claims. Click here to know how Sun Life fulfills its promise to the family of our valued clients.

As I was browsing my Facebook feed, I saw a post of Mr. Ralph Lester de Castro, a co-Financial Advisor in Sun Life about his second SunLife claim. It was again another promise fulfilled by Sun Life.

Here’s what the story goes:

Another Promise Fulfilled

(My Second Death Claim)
By Ralph Lester de Castro

sunlife claims
Mr. Ralph Lester de Castro and the Beneficiaries of his Client

“I didn’t know her personally as she was just introduced to me by an existing client.

On our first meeting though, I already felt her love for her family. She even referred me to her sisters and to her boyfriend because she cared so much about them to the point that she wanted their future secured as well. Fortunately, all of them said YES to me.

Days passed and we became close. She would always ask me about other types of life insurance as well as how to invest in mutual funds.

It was May 17 of this year when she told me that she would get another plan by Q3 2019. However, after a month, June 17, her sister called me up and told me that my client was already gone. She died from Leukemia and was just diagnosed with that illness 4 days before she passed away.

I was really shocked that it happened too soon. The news made me really upset and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I only had one thing in my mind that time and such was to deliver my promise as her Advisor.

I immediately processed all the requirements and went straight to Marikina from Batangas to visit her wake. I was able to talk to her parents and to my surprise, they are Batangueños, too.

Her father told me ”Ah ikaw pala si Sir Lester, lagi ka kinu-kwento sa amin ni Ate.” One of her sisters also told me ”Sana po matulungan ninyo kami kaagad sa claim.” I nodded to her and said “Sige po, ako po ang bahala.”

I left their home with a heavy heart (Hindi ko alam pero nakakapangilabot talaga ang pakiramdam).

I still could not believe that it happened to her when days before her diagnosis, she was still very healthy. At 27 years old, she had no signs of any sicknesses and actually had the plan of getting another policy.

On the other hand, I am very grateful and proud of my client that she made a bright choice of insuring herself a year ago.

Today, I handed over a check amounting to PHP1,316,000 to her parents (client only paid 30K for this plan). They were teary-eyed upon receiving it and my heart wept as well. They thanked me non-stop and told me to continue working hard to help more people. I smiled and told them “Salamat po at gusto ko pong malaman ninyo na mahal na mahal kayo ng anak ninyo.”

To my client: I know you are smiling now up in there. Your life may have become too short, but you were truly able to immortalize your great love for your family. Thank you again for trusting me.

P.S. This is already my 2nd death claim and both claims fell within contestability period (deaths happening within 2 years of the plan are subject to investigation to check whether the client gave accurate information on the life insurance application and the investigation process usually takes 3 to 6 months).
I am just one proud Sun Life Advisor that my 1st and 2nd claim were given to the beneficiaries in just 2 months.

Being a Financial Advisor is really not a walk in the park. Many times, you will eat rejections, and the sad part is, majority of those are coming from your friends, relatives, and loved ones. But I don’t mind them because the fulfillment I am getting from saving a soul, from helping a bereaved family, and for being an instrument of hope and love to my dear clients are all so much worth it.

This may be a challenging career, but this is the only career I will commit my whole life to; a career I will surely do for a LIFETIME.”

Blogger’s Note

If you have existing life insurance plan, I hope you have been inspired by this post to continue being committed to your plan. Don’t let your policies lapse because of non-payment of premiums. You may not be the one to initially benefit from the plan, it is still your family whose lives will be changed and blessed because of your great love for them.

If you’re planning to get a life insurance plan, don’t waste time of thinking for the best plan. The best plan is to get yourself insured as early as possible before it’s too late. As long as the Financial Advisor clearly explained the benefits you and your family can get from the plan, and you think he/she can give you good service, sign that application form already.

If you still think life insurance plan is an expense, just think of your family when God calls you home today. What will you leave? Financial burden? Or Financial Blessing thru a life insurance claim?

Don’t keep delaying your plan of getting insured. Start TODAY.

Your Financial Advisor for Life,

Christine C.

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